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The brand that learns to learn Microsoft names
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Information of Chinese brand website (bring from Chinese brand sale to manage a network)

Compose of door of author Ceng Zhuan name about the brand of dress dress and product of daily expense chemical industry, of the brand name to traditional industry it is important in that way, and the leading role to informatization society, for IT industry, it is to hold the balance more. IT industry person with ability collects a gathering of things or people, the technology updates change quickly, otherer industry raises the educational level of direct user apparently. Taste quality besides the yield that regards successful brand as the foundation outside, of the brand name, of the brand pack, the marrow that the figure fixed position of the brand is a brand.

Careful analysis the IT product beside us, with respect to discovery of can apparent ground: Outside the western country that develops as the information such as the United States besides technical actual strength and product quality, the brand consciousness of domestic company, no less very primary and peripheral. The brand contains a lot of element, among them of the brand name, it is the first pace of executive brand strategy, be brand core is important and crucial factor; Accordingly, we from product brand name a such viewpoint, the ability of the depth of the brand consciousness that basically can reflect a business and brand sale, brand management; This is mirrorred with respect to the proportion that holds integral consumption from consumption of food of national average per capita as economist and measure a zone the living standard of a country and economic progress rate are same.

See the partial product denomination of the Microsoft MICROSOFT of so-called software empire, see the Taoist priest of the development of its brand consciousness and brand sale. These software, especially OFFICE series, mostly OFFICER is not unfamiliar, also won't go normally get to the bottom of among them secret; But in order to study the author point of view of the brand, what this positive and negative mirrorred us to be known to the brand is dim and easy to read and understand; The example of the product denomination from the MICROSOFT below and simple and analytic in, we discover, MICROSOFT is worthy of the world 500 strong everybody wind model, what name a word: Or fund fund is easy, or image is dramatic, or possess idea, full of humour and wit alone, really special land is good!

Name of foreword product brand is analytic meaning of Word of tool of 1 word processing: Word, word, talk, verbal, message, mail message, rumor, fabulous; Affirmatory, promise, assure; Command, countersign; Form of gnomic 2 electron handles tool Excel import: Excel is compared... good or do excel, more than, surpass; Indication advantage; The person that exceeds other or graph of thing 3 manuscript demonstrate tool PowerPoint Power: Ability, force, motivation, power, intense; Make. . . Have power, power, incentive; Point: Dot, most advanced, mark; Viewpoint, proposal, purpose, argument; Point to, point out, aim at, , add note punctuation at explaining from above in, can see: Power Point is creation of such accurate 4 WEB site and administrative tool FrontPage Front: In front, Page of front, front, manner: Page, record, incident, column FrontPage: Before page, the Front-Page such as page of title page, copyright, table of contents, illustration, congratulatory message, preface: Of front page, be worth to be put in newspaper of the first edition, resounding, Visio of tool of chart of visible business affairs of 5 of front page news comes from English Vision be out of shape processing. The meaning of Vision is: Eyesight, vision, foreknowledge, eyesight, imagination, illusion, illusive, picture; Dream of, imagination, ground of very dramatic image states the word that shows this the utility of the product and characteristic, be sure to become new vocabulary of a contemporary information! 6 commerce composing publishs tool Publisher meaning: Publisher, publisher 7 database manages tool Access acces original intention: Enter, passageway; Use, adjacent; Market market, enter the market. But Access is now in computer science, "Access (data or program) , visit " meaning already by people wide to accept. Management of 9 individual information and communication administer Outlook outlook port: Scenery, scene, foreground; Condition, viewpoint; Eye shot; View; Look into; Dot of keep a lookout. Already accurate mirrorred Outlook to send and receive the begin to remember things such as email and communication, program to orchestrate a function, personification ground is reflected " scenery, scene, foreground " wait for dramatic image. Meaning of Explorer explorer of 10 Internet browser: Searcher, exploration person, the member that explore, explorer, exploration machine, probe implement, exploration is implemental. Borrow this to mirror what what Internet browser has to browse, exploration, expeditionary function.
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