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The path of sale: The company gives a name sunflower jewel
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10 a pithy formula
1. Good say, good read aloud, read smoothly; 2. Good write down, make a person photographic; 3. Can by the person from numerous brand in a discovery; 4. The utility of the product, function and uniqueness. Be clear at a glance; 5. Easy the happiness that arouses a person associates; 6. Originality is full of characteristic, as not duplicate as other; 7. The product has delayed effect, have the possibility of further thorough development; 8. Production and advertisement unifinication, product and name systematization; 9. Commodity has one's style of work as well as one's moral quality, have savour; 10. Can obtain name the mark that reach business to register authority.
Two big cabala
Do not be the same as tonetic. Tonetic the name that is the same as completely, read rise can feel some are insipid. The expert considers to discover, the end sound of the name had better be level tone, because of falling-rising tone word sonority is differred relatively a few. Acoustical musical sound chooses to want to pay attention to. The word with same position of pronunciation of a few initial consonant, if be put together, read rise a little arduous; If simple or compound vowel is identical also, more awkward-sounding. The expert reminds, n and L had better not be chosen entirely when giving a name, z, C, S and Zh, Ch, Sh the initial consonant with these pronunciation same position. Want the name is resonant and pleasant, the simple or compound vowel that chooses a word is very crucial. The expert says, the name contains the simple or compound vowel that contains nasal sound to read rise resonant, "Hold high " , " fine " , " smooth " , " roc " , " east " the word of simple or compound vowel of the nasal after and so on is contained especially resonant; In be not word of nasal simple or compound vowel, the essential vowel in a compound vowel namely main vowel mouth is spent big, be like " amount to " , " handsome " , " treasure " , sonority is taller.
5 big fear
1. Polyphonic
Name with polyphone, the name has two or when more pronunciation let a person more easily feel not know what to do. Not be to say to name of course cannot use polyphone absolutely. But should make sure others can decide its pronunciation at least, unapt misread.
2. Slant word
Brand name offers customer call, should consider the issue of in a popular style that uses a word originally, some people use unfamiliar word to name, it is to think whether take out good name to depend on whether choose a good word. So, mention name, what think of above all is to break up " Kang Xi dictionary " . Little imagine, actual condition is apropos and contrary.
3. Language meaning is obscure
The implied meaning is obscure it is speech too abstruse, people looks not to understand. Resemble choosing unfamiliar word same, although the meaning is good, understand without the person, the message is again good also no point.
4. Ill-fated
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